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** New Glamour Models Needed ** Successful models will have opportunity to add to their portfolio and be compensated (£100 per day) Please reply with pics/portfolio and stats** ** Girl Girl models needed **
The Big Turn On SFull Sex

The Big Turn On  - SexTech

Looks at the field of sextech. Everything from VR porn, Tinder, teledildonics and Remote Control Sex Toys.

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Art Nude
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I have small studio to use. If you want me to do photosets for you, tell me what you want and i'll get it done. (no nude) If you have items you want me to wear, send them to me and I will.


Have You Got What it Takes?

Glamour Modelling

Let's start with a few definitions and explanations:

(If you aren't particularly outgoing and comfortable about being seen partly or fully naked, either in print or in the studio, you will not succeed in any of these areas.)

Nude modelling is much like glamour but will involve full nudity and more sexually explicit poses. The images in Playboy, Penthouse and Perfect 10 could be described as nude modelling or 'Soft Porn' images.

The choice of work is entirely yours. More money is offered for the 'higher' levels of work, but nobody would ever ask you to do work you didn't want to do.

There are over hundreds of related magazines and over thousands of monthly subscription web sites in the USA alone. They vary from playboy-like imagery, each one needs new girls every month. In particular, there is a huge demand for (and shortage of) pretty young models with natural looking breasts who are prepared to work.

How do I know if I'm suitable?

Let us decide that.
Don't just assume that you're not suitable before you've even applied!

Let us assess your photos, and if we think you're suitable we'll tell you!

What photos should I send?

We will need to see a close-up photo of your face, and a full length swimwear or underwear picture.

Also, if you're interested in topless or nude work, then will also be useful.

We'll also need details and our application form can be filled in, and emailed with your full measurements and postal address and a bit about your hobbies and interests. You should also let us know what kinds of images and poses you are happy to create.

Ways to Apply Now!

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