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Foxy Roxy (Cam Model and Adult Model)

We had the chance to meet the model and showcasing her on our site.

Age : 21
Hair colour : Brunette / Brown
Hair Length:  
Eye Colour : Blue
Height : 5 ft 4
Chest : 34 D
Dress : 10
Shoes : 6/7
Experience Yes
Location Oxford / West London
  Type of Modelling she did
Glamour Modelling
Art / Implied Nude
Lingerie / Bikini
Mens Mag Open Leg
Body Part Modelling
Print (Catalog, Mags, Web)
Topless Glamour
Soft Girl / Girl
Hardcore Girl Girl

UK Model

Background Info etc.:

Experienced, reliable confident model. As you can see in the video, Roxy has a great pressence in video and great fun to work with.


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